Mark Uhlemann, bass-baritone

Who I am and how I use Social Media

So, my name's Mark Uhlemann and I've had some sort of career as a singer of art music (aka "opera singer") for 22 years.  I've also worked in specialty retail, learning & development, coffee education, coffee sales, and the fine dining and hospitality industry for the last 15 years.  I'm passionate about travel, wine, coffee, music, primitive camping, sci-fi, nature documentaries, certain cooking, kitchenware, and home renovation shows, and I occasionally pretend to be a runner.  I also care deeply about environmental sustainability, social justice, science and skepticism, fairness, and equality.  You'll see some mix of this in my social media feeds, and if that appeals to you, I hope you'll follow and enjoy the content that I share.  I tend to be a bit more political on Twitter than I am on Instagram, so peruse/follow accordingly.

I also occasionally post pictures of Mr. Grey, our cat, but he has his own Instagram account, and prefers to manage his own presence on Social Media.